IMO Level 2 Class 3 Year 2013 Mental Ability Higher Questions and Answers

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Mental Ability

1. What was the time 4 hours 50 mins ago, if the current time shown by the clock is 10: 30?

(A) 5: 40

(B) 6: 40

(C) 6: 30

(D) 7: 40

2. If you count in 5s, starting with 3, the sequence looks like this:

What is the 15th number in this sequence?

(A) 73

(B) 78

(C) 63

(D) 68

3. Which item is the heaviest?

Four Weight Machines

(A) Eraser

(B) Pen

(C) Stapler

(D) Bag

4. Match the multiplications given in Column-I with their results in Column-II.

Column-I with Their Results in Column-II
Column – IColumn – II
(a) (i) 1197
(b) (ii) 3496
(c) (iii) 1519
(d) (iv) 1218





5. Which of the following has of its contents shaded?

Four Boxes P, Q, R and S Contents Shaded

(A) Q

(B) P

(C) R

(D) S

6. Which of the following options makes the given number sentence true?

The Number Sentence

(A) Add 5

(B) Divided by 5

(C) Minus 5

(D) No need of any operation

7. Digit at the tens place in the number that comes as a difference between 5 hundred 6 tens 13 ones and 7 hundreds 2 tens 15 ones is ________.

(A) 7

(B) 6

(C) 5

(D) 4

8. ________ are needed to make ₹ 595.

(A) Five ₹ 100 note and nine ₹ 5 notes

(B) Ten ₹ 50 note and nine ₹ 10 notes

(C) Ten ₹ 5 note and one ₹ 100 notes

(D) Five ₹ 100 note and nineteen ₹ 5 notes

9. If Jug

Jug with 4 Glasses

, Kettle

Kettle with 2 Glasses and Jug


Barrel with 2 Kettle and 2 Jugs

, then ________ jugs are needed to fill an empty barrel.

(A) 5

(B) 4

(C) 3

(D) 6

10. Find the correct mirror image of the figure (x) if mirror is placed vertically to the left.

The Figure (X)


Figure is Placed Vertically to the Left


Figure is Placed Vertically to the Left


Figure is Placed Vertically to the Left


Figure is Placed Vertically to the Left

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