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Q-17 which of these activates will help conserving soil and check soil erosion?

A. Constructing dams

B. Stopping overgrazing

C. Terrace framing

D. All of these

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Q-18 In a field Community, a food chain is represented as: which one of the pie charts correctly shown the ideal proportion of the organisms in the community based on the food chain?


Food Chain Pie Chart


Food Chain Pie Chart


Food Chain Pie Chart


Food Chain Pie Chart
Food Chain, Food Web and Ecological Pyramids - 3 Key Concepts in 1 Lecture

Q-19 The given picture shows two boys trying to move a boat from the beach into the water. Identify the forces as represented with labelled arrows D, E and F?

Direction of Force
Table Three

Q-20 What is the expected result of the experiment shown in the diagram?

Ballon and Ice

A. The balloon will further inflate and fly off the mouth of the flask.

B. The conical flask will crack.

C. The balloon will be sucked into the conical flask.

D. Nothing will happen.

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Q-21 Study the table given below carefully. Which rows have statements that are INCORRECT?

PLays eggs in waterYesYes
QUndergoes metamorphosisNoYes
RHas four stages in its life cycleYesNo
SYoung resemble its parentNoNo


A. P, Q and R

B. Q and S

C. P and R

D. P, Q and S

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