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Q31. Read the following sentences with blanks in them. Select the option which correctly fills up the blanks in any two sentences.

a) ________ provide door to door service.

b) ________ carries country՚s largest amount of bulky goods like coal, cement, food gains, fertilizers, petroleum, automobiles, etc. from mines to industries and from industries to the areas of consumption.

c) ________ is a better mode of transportation in reference to cross-continental transfers.

d) ________ is very useful at the time of natural or any other calamities for saving people or supplying goods.

e) Indian ________ service has the largest network in the world.

A. c- Railways, e-Postal

B. c-water transport, d-Air transport

C. b- inland waterways, e-telephonic

D. b-Air transport, a-Roads

Means of Transportation and Projects - Air, Water, Land (Science) - NSO/NSTSE

Q32. Study the given flow chart and select the correct match of any three letters with respective animals.

Respective Animals

A. a-Bat, e-Ostrich, f-Goldfish

B. d-Pigeon, c-Cockroach, e-Human

C. b-Bat, e-Ostrich, f-Cockroach

D. a-Pigeon, b-Human, d-Goldfish

NCERT Class 4 EVS Chapter 2: Ear to Ear (Differentiate Egg Laying Animals & Mammals) NSO/NSTSE

Q33. Vaishali saw a bird hunting for insects by drilling its beak into trees. Which type of beak and feet would the bird have?

Bird Hunting Darlling Beak

A. e and y

B. d and z

C. g and w

D. f and x

NCERT Class 4 EVS Chapter 16: A Busy Month (Nesting Habits) - NSO/NSTSE/Olympiad| English | CBSE

Q34. Refer the given figure showing digestive system and select the option to answer the questions that follow:

1. Where does the digestion of food begin and end respectively?

2. In which labelled parts, the acid and the enzymes break the food?

Digestion of Food Begin and Respctively





NCERT Class 7 Science Chapter 2: Nutrition in Animals (NSO/NSTSE/Olympiad) | English


∙ Harish said ″ I can smell paneer tikka. Wow! It is really delicious! ′ He had used his sense of ′ d ′ and ′ e ′ before making the statement.

∙ A blind person uses his sense of ‘f’ whenever he reads.

∙ Namita said “The cover of this story book is smooth and colourful” . She used her sense of ‘g’ and ‘h’ .

Select the correct option regarding the senses being used in above given passage.

A. Sense of ‘d’ and ‘e’ are used to taste and feel a hot cup of coffee.

B. Either of the senses ‘g’ or ‘h’ has the same function as sense ‘f’ .

C. Sense ‘g’ and ‘h’ are used to distinguish between pleasant and loud sound.

D. All of these

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