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22. Megha observed the Moon on 5th December and drew its sketch as shown. What will be the shape of the Moon on 2nd January?


Image Shows the Moon Choice - A


Image Shows the Moon Choice - B


Image Shows the Moon Choice - C


Image Shows the Moon Choice - D


Image Shows the Moon Choice - E

23. Match column I with column II and select the correct option.

Match Column I with Column II and Select the Correct Option
Column IColumn II
(p) Sand(1) Tiny stones
(q) Gravel(2) Soil erosion
(r) Clay(3) Fine powder
(s) Humus(4) Heavy and sticky when wet
(t) Topsoil(5) Makes the soil fertile

A. p - (4) , q - (3) , r - (1) , s - (5) , t - (2)

B. p - (3) , q - (1) , r - (4) , s - (5) , t - (2)

C. p - (3) , q - (4) , r - (1) , s - (5) , t - (2)

D. p - (5) , q - (2) , r - (1) , s - (4) , t - (3)

24. The movements of the hot and cold air set up a convection current. This explains why .

A. An air conditioner is placed at the ceiling end of the wall.

B. A heater is placed as low as possible in room.

C. The back of a refrigerator is often painted black.

D. Both A and B

25. Study the given diagram carefully. Candle wax was coated at different parts P, Q, R and S of the metal rod. Which one of the following is the correct order in which the wax would melt?

Candle Wax at P, Q, R and S

A. P, Q, R, S

B. S, R, Q, P

C. R, Q, P, S

D. R, Q, S, P

26. In order to save our environment, we should prefer to use items with which of the following signs?


Prefer to Use Items Choice - A


Prefer to Use Items Choice - B


Prefer to Use Items Choice - C


Prefer to Use Items Choice - D

27. The given diagram shows a nutcracker. Identify the labels d, e and f and select the option that correctly identifies the components denoted by these labels in other simple machines.

A. d - The bend that joins two arms of a tong

B. f - The screw that fixes the two parts of a scissor together

C. e - The elbow of our hand

D. f - The front clawed end of a bottle opener

Image Shows Diagram Shows a Nutcracker

28. Harshit wanted to find out among the four locations - playground, science laboratory, school garden and the bus stop outside his school - which is the most polluted. He placed four glass tiles smeared with petroleum jelly at the four locations for the same period of time for one day and recorded his observation. However, his teacher told him that his experiment was not reliable because he did not.

A. Wet the glass tiles

B. Use tiles made of different materials

C. Repeat the experiment over a few days

D. Examine the tiles with hand lens

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