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Q-18 Study the given word chop table.

Which of the following sets of boxes will give the names of traditional clothing of Kerala and Korea, respectively?


A. 2 and 8,4 and 5

B. 1 and 6,5 and 3

C. 7 and 3,4 and 9

D. 1nad 7,2 and 5

Q-19 The given options show pair of magnets each. Which pair of magnets will attract each other?









Q-20 Rohit performed an experiment wherein he set up three test tubes as shown in the figure. Select the INCORRRECT statement regarding this.


A. Test tube P will have most carbon dioxide after three hours.

B. Test tube Q will have least oxygen after three hours.

C. Organisms in test tube R will survive for a longer time as compared to organisms in test tubes P and Q.

D. No oxygen will remain in test tube P after some time.

NCERT Class 9 Science Chapter 14: Natural Resources | CBSE | English (NSO/NTSE/NSTSE)

Q-21 Refer to the given flow charts and selects the correct option regarding P, Q, R and S.


A. P could be duck-billed platypus or spiny ant eater.

B. Q exhibits one non-feeding stage in its life cycle.

C. R could be frog or hen.

D. All the stages of the life cycle of S are feeding and S could be beetle or botfly.

Life Cycle of Butterfly & Frog - Kindergarten (KG-2/K-2) - Kids-Teaching-Kids

Q-22 Select the INCORRECT match from the following.

A. Vitamin A – Fish oil – Keeps eyes healthy

B. Iron – Beetroot – Helps in formation of blood

C. Potassium – Lemon – Necessary for healthy gums

D. Calcium – Milk – Makes our bones and teeth strong

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