NSO Level 2 Class 5 Science Paper 2013 Questions and Answers Part 6

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36. Observe the picture. Which system (s) of the boy՚s body is/are involved in helping him to escape?

System (S) of the Boy՚S Body

(d) Skeletal system

(e) Muscular system

(f) Circulatory system

(g) Respiratory system

(A) (d) only

(B) (d) and (e)

(C) (d) , (e) and (f)

(D) (d) , (e) , (f) and (g)

Ans: D. , f, d, e and g

37. The given diagram shows two plants X and Y. Select the correct option regarding the difference between the two

The Given Diagram Shows Two Plants X and Y

(A) Plant X can make its own food and plant Y can partly make its own food.

(B) Plant X cannot make its own food, but plant Y can make its own food.

(C) Plant X depends partly on animals for food but can also make its own food while plant Y cannot make its own food.

(D) Plant X cannot make its own food while plant Y depends on decaying matter for food and can also make its own food.

Ans: C

38. Polar bears are adapted to live in the Arctic region. Which of these are necessary adaptations for cold habitats?

(i) White fur

(ii) Thick fur

(iii) Thick layer of blubber

(iv) Sharp teeth

(v) Good sight

(vi) Furry paws

(A) (ii) , (iii) and (vi)

(B) (i) , (ii) and (vi)

(C) (ii) , (iii) , (iv) and (v)

(D) (i) , (iii) and (iv)

Ans: A. Ii, iii, vi

39. Select the option in which correct odd one is encircled.

(A) Sugar, wheat, eggs, potato

(B) Fish, milk, eggs, rice

(C) Beans, nuts, pulses, fish

(D) Butter, cheese, sugar, milk

Ans: B. Fish, milk, eggs, rice

40. Volume is usually measured in ________, ________ and ________.

(A) Centimeters, Milliliters, Liters

(B) Cubic centimeters, Milliliters, Liters

(C) Cubic centimeters, Meters, Liters

(D) Kilometres, Meters, Liters

Ans: B

41. Kanika is making a cup of tea for her mother and wonders how she can dissolve the sugar in the cup of tea more quickly. Which of these suggestions would help her?

(i) Make the tea hotter

(ii) Put the tea in a smaller cup

(iii) Stir the tea slowly

(iv) Add smaller particles of sugar

(v) Stir the tea well

(vi) Have a bigger volume of tea

(A) (i) , (ii) , (iii) and (iv)

(B) (iv) , (v) and (vi)

(C) (i) , (iii) , (iv) and (vi)

(D) (i) , (iv) , (v) and (vi)

Ans: D.

42. A beaker of iced water was heated until it boiled. It was then left to cool to room temperature. The temperature of the water was taken at intervals of four minutes and the results were used to draw the graph as shown in the given figure. Approximately how long did the boiling water take to cool to room temperature?

Cool to Room Temperature

(a) 6 minutes

(b) 12 minutes

(C) 16 minutes

(D) 28 minutes

Ans: 6 minutes

43. In what way are the ferns similar to the fungi?

(A) Both make their own food.

(B) Both need sunlight to grow.

(C) Both reproduce from spores.

(D) Both can be found on living trees.

Ans: C

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