NSO Level 2 Class 7 Past Paper Questions 2012 − 13 Part 3

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Q. 14 Amongst P, Q, T, R and S, each having a different height, T is taller than P and S but shorter than R and Q. P is not the shortest. Who amongst them is the tallest?

(A) R

(B) Q

(C) P

(D) R or Q

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Q. 15 In the following list of numerals, how many are followed by but not proceeded by 4?

(A) 2

(B) 3

(C) 4

(D) 5

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Q. 16 Beena obtains a blurred image of an object on a screen by using a concave mirror. In order to obtain a sharp image on the screen, she will have to shift the mirror …

(A) Towards the screen

(B) Away from the screen

(C) Either towards or away from the screen depending upon the position of the object

(D) To a position very far away from the screen

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Q. 18 Low atmospheric pressure exists on the earth in which of the following latitudes?

(A) At the equator only

(B) At

(C) At the poles

(D) At the equator and at

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Q. 19 A metal rod is shaped into a ring with a small gap. If this is heated, which of the following will not occur?

(A) The length of the rod will increase.

(B) The gap will decrease

(C) The gap will increase

(D) The diameter of the ring will increase in the same ratio as the length of the rod.

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Q. 21 Read the following statements and marks the correct option.

Statement 1: On the earth, summer occurs when the earth is closest to the sun and winter occurs, when the earth is farthest from the sun.

Statement 2: The earth is a satellite of the sun.

A. Both the statements are correct and statement 2 is the correct explanation of statement 1.

B. Both the statements are correct but statement 2 is not the correct explanation of statement 1.

C. Statement 1 is correct but statement 2 is incorrect.

D. Both the statements 1 and 2 incorrect

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Q. 22 Why do people feel cool if they do not dry themselves after swimming in the sea?

(A) Water evaporates and causes cooling

(B) Water insulates from the warm air

(C) Water is a good conductor of heat

(D) Water is colder than the air

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Q. 23 A truck takes 20 s to travel the first 80m and another 10 s to travel a further 70m. What is the average speed of the truck?





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Q. 25 When a horse pulls a cart, the force that helps the horse to move forward is the force exerted by …

(A) The cart on the horse

(B) The ground on the horse

(C) The ground on the cart

(D) The horse on the ground

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