NSO Level 2 Class 7 Science Paper 2015 − 16 Higher Questions and Answers Part 6

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Question 45:

The given figure is of human heart with its parts labelled as X, Y and Z. Which of the following correctly ranks the blood pressure in X, Y and Z from the lowest to the highest?

Human Heart
Which of the Following Correctly Ranks the Blood Pressure in X, Y and Z from the Lowest to the Highest?
Lowest ⇾ Highest

Achievers Section

Question 46:

Observe the given figures carefully. Figure (i) shows an iron bar being stroked by a bar magnet and figure (ii) Shows an iron bars which is inserted into a solenoid.

State the polarities at E, F, G and H.


Question 47:

A science teacher has arranged the following sets of test tubes as shown in the given figure:

Test Tubes

She asked the students to fill in the blanks by choosing an appropriate option.

Turmeric solution turns red in test tubes (p) and (q) . China rose indicator turns magenta in test tube (r) . The colour of methyl orange indicator does not change in test tube (s) .

The Colour of Methyl Orange Indicator Does Not Change in Test Tube

Question 48:

Read the given passage where some of the words have been italicised.

Pure wool has the natural ability to undergo biodegradation. Due to its low water and nitrogen content, wool naturally resists fire. When wool is heated, it melts and gives smell of charred meat. Wool is obtained from sheep, goat, camel, yak, rabbit etc. Angora wool is obtained from Angora goat whereas mohair is obtained from Angora rabbit. Cashmere is a fine, strong, light and soft wool obtained from yak. Select the incorrect statement regarding this.

(A) Low should be replaced with high.

(B) Melts should be replaced by burns whereas charred meat should be replaced with burning hair.

(C) Positions of Angora wool and mohair should be interchanged.

(D) Yak should be replaced with camel.

Question 49:

Refer to the given dichotomous key and select the incorrect option regarding P, Q, R, S and T.

I (a) : It is a natural fibre. - Go to II

(b) : It is a man-made fibre made of cellulose.

II (a) : Source organism is harmed in fibre obtaining process. - Go to III

(b) : Source organism is not harmed in fibre obtaining process. - Go to IV

III (a) : The fibre is made up of protein fibroin and sericin.

(b) : The fibre is obtained from stem of plant.

IV (a) : The fibre is obtained from fruits of plant.

(b) : The fibre is made up of keratin protein.

(A) Fibre Q is obtained from the non-feeding stage of an insect.

(B) Fibre P does not melt on heating.

(C) Fibre R can be used in winter clothing while fibre S can be used in making water-proof items.

(D) Fibre T can be obtained from Angora goat and has been nicknamed as diamond fibre due to its high luster and sheen.

Question 50:

The given graph shows rate of uptake over hours by two potted plants X and Y kept in direct sunlight with all similar conditions viz. same sized pots with equal amount of soil and manure, adequate moisture, and air.


Select the best possible option regarding X and Y.

(A) Plant X is actively photosynthesizing between 20 hrs to 24 hrs.

(B) Plant Y shows stomatal closure between 10 hrs to 18 hrs.

(C) Plant X shows maximum transpiration between 12 to 14 hrs.

(D) Both B and C

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