NSO Level 2 Class 8 Paper 2012 – 13 Questions and Answers Part 1

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Mental Ability

Q1. If the vertices of the square are K, L, M and N in which K and L are the centers of the two equal circles that are just contacting each other. Find the proportion (or) ratio of the shaded portion to the unshaded portion inside of the square?

If the Vertices of the Square Are K, L, M And





Q2. Factories





Q3. Which of the following Venn diagram shows the suitable relationship among “Teacher, Mother, and Principal” ?


Venn Diagram


Venn Diagram


Venn Diagram


Venn Diagram

Q4. A fixed deposit amount of 50000 was deposited by Shiva at compound interest 8 % p. a and he was to give 5 % tax from compound interest on each year. What is the amount that Shiva will have afterward 2 years?

(i) 58320 ₹

(ii) 57889 ₹

(iii) 58000 ₹

(iv) 59788 ₹

Q5. Mr. Kumar spends his monthly salary of 4500 ₹ for following purpose like mentioned in the pie chart below, if he saves constant amount on each and every month, then what is the saving amount that he will have after 3 years?

The Pie Chart

(i) 7200 ₹

(ii) 6900 ₹

(iii) 8100 ₹

(iv) 8400 ₹

Q6. The total surface area of a cylinder is 1542 cm2 and the proportion between curved surface area and total surface area of the cylinder is 4: 5 then, find the height of the cylinder?

(i) 17cm

(ii) 25cm

(iii) 36cm

(iv) 28cm

Q7. Find the value x if and ?





Q 8. Read the following order of the sequence carefully and answer the question given below.

BHQ6D4 % W1#T 32E $ MG&L@SR

Which of the following will be the 6th element to the left of the right of the 12th from the right end, if the orders of the first 11 elements are reversed?

(i) %

(ii) W

(iii) $

(iv) Q

Q9. What is the average speed of the vehicle, if Jeevan rides a bike for 3 hrs. at 50 mph and he travels in the same direction for 2 hrs. at 60 mph in a trip?

(i) 34 mph

(ii) 54 mph

(iii) 60 mph

(iv) 45 mph

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