NSO Level 2 Class 8 Paper 2012 – 13 Questions and Answers Part 2

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Q10. At 25 % discount, a science book is available at Bangalore electronic market and the same science book is available only at 20 % discount at Radan market in Karnataka. Reena has just enough amounts of 750 to buy that book at Bangalore electronic market. Suppose Reena wants to buy two science books at Karnataka market, how much should she have?

(i) 1000 ₹

(ii) 1600 ₹

(iii) 2000 ₹

(iv) 1800 ₹

Q11. Find the value of a, if and ?





Q 12. There are 300 students in a school hostel and the arrangement of food for them is sufficient for 20 days. If 50 students are vacated from hostel, then the food will be sufficient for how many days?

(i) 22 days

(ii) 24 days

(iii) 21 days

(iv) 25 days

Q 13. Divide by b + a





Q 14. The saving statistics of Rahul for the initial 5 months of previous year is given in the line graph below. The interest rate is committed at ₹ 0.15 paise per for the beginning ₹ 500 and ₹ 0.25 paise for the interest rate of beyond ₹ 500 rupees and also, he has to pay as tax on 3 % . What is the saving amount did Rahul have in the month of September?

The Saving Statistics of Rahul for the Initial 5 Months of P …

(i) 470 ₹

(ii) 550 ₹

(iii) 850 ₹

(iv) 570 ₹

Q15. What is the probability, if a card is drawn from a pack of 52 cards that is a red king (or) hearts?






Q 16. Rohit travels by a car from his job to park like figure shown below and he took total time 30 min to the complete his journey. What is the average velocity of his entire journey?

Rohit Travels by a Car from His Job to Park Like

(i) 40 km/h

(ii) 34 km/h

(iii) 26 km/h

(iv) 54 km/h

Q17. Read the following statements carefully and choose the correct answer below.

Statement 1: The extended position of a tension spring is considered as a position in which, it is at rest.

Statement 2: The compressive force is opposed by compression spring.

(i) Both statement (1) and statement (2) are true.

(ii) Statement (1) is false and statement (2) is true.

(iii) Statement (1) is true and statement (2) is false.

(iv) Both statement (1) and statement (2) are true and statement (2) is the correct explanation of the statement (1) .

Q18. Which of the following method of irrigation and the crop cultivation is wrongly matched?

Irrigation - crops

(i) sprinkler system - coffee

(ii) Drip system - paddy

(iii) Furrow system- Vegetables

(iv) Basin system - Fruits

Choose the Correct Option:

1. ii & iii

2. ii & iv

3. iii & iv

4. i & iv

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