NSO Level 2 Class 8 Paper 2012 – 13 Questions and Answers Part 3

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Q19. Study the following statements carefully and find the correct options which are given below?

Statement I: When the object is moving on the surface, then the static friction exists.

Statement II: When the kinetic friction exists, then the static friction doesn՚t exist.

(i) Both statements I and II are false.

(ii) Statement I is true, and the statement II is false.

(iii) Both statements I and II are true and the statement II is the correct explanation of the statement I

(iv) Statement I is false, and the statement II is true.

Q20. Choose the scale (s) below which is linear naturally?

i. Richter

ii. Meter

iii. Decibel

(1) (i) & (ii) only

(2) (ii) & (iii) Only

(3) (ii) Only

(4) (i) & (ii) Only

Q21. Read the following statement and reason and find the option which is correct?

Statement: When the copper wire is just outside of the non-luminous, it gets red hot.

Reason: The temperature of outside of the flame is low.

(i) Statement is correct, but reason is incorrect.

(ii) Both statement and reason are correct.

(iii) Both statement and reason are incorrect.

(iv) Statement is incorrect, but reason is correct.

Q22. John wants to carry the 19 kg of rice bundle to his house from point P to Q. Then the amount of energy that he spent to carry the bundle in this work?

John Wants to Carry the 19 Kg of Rice Bundle to His House Fr …

i. 233 J

ii. 240 J

iii. 198 J

iv. 250 J

Q 23. Which of the following is incorrect?

(i) Bitumen, a petroleum product is used for melting the roads.

(ii) The coal-tar products are used as starting materials for manufacturing various substances like many chemical and fertilizers.

(iii) Paraffin wax is used for making Vaseline

(iv) CNG can be used directly for burning in home and industries.

1. (i)

2. (iii)

3. (ii)

4. (iv)

Q 24. Write the ignition temperatures of the following objects in ascending order?

(i) Wood

(ii) Dry grass

(iii) Water with paper cup

(iv) Petrol





Q 25. Which of the following about rayon is/are false?

(i) It is quite suitable for making dress.

(ii) It is used to make the sweaters and blankets.

(iii) It is obtained from the wool pulp.

(iv) It is lustrous and easy to wash.

(v) It is mixed with wool to make the carpets.

Choose the Correct Option:

1. (i) , (ii) & (iii)

2. (ii) & (iv)

3. (i) , (ii) & (iv)

4. (iii) & (v)

Q26. Match the following group-A with group-B correctly and choose the right option below?

Match the Following Group-A with Group-B Correctly and Choose the Right Option Below?
Group- A FluesGroup- B Calorific values
i. Wood1.37000 KJ
ii. Kerosene2.50000 KJ
iii. Biogas3.18500 KJ
iv. Methane4.45000 KJ

1.3,4, 2,1

2.4,3, 1,2

3.3,2, 4,1

4.3,4, 1,2

Q27. Find out the place from the following where the frictional effects do not survive?

(i) In space

(ii) In gas

(iii) On high hills

(iv) In water

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