NSO Level 2 Class 9 Paper 2016 – 17 Questions and Answers Part 4

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Question 25) Melting and boiling points of four substances are given in the table.

Melting and Boiling Points
Melting and Boiling Points of Four Substances Are Given in the Table
Melting point (°C)Boiling point (°C)
P– 13030
Q– 12075

Which of the substances can be distilled using the given apparatus?

A. P and R only

B. Q and S only

C. P only

D. All of these

Question 26) Chemical formulae of few compounds are given as:

Zinc phosphate

Lead bromide -

Magnesium nitride -

Aluminum nitride – AlN.

Based on the formulae, the valencies or charges on the ions are given . Mark the incorrect option.

A. Phosphate ion:

B. Bromide Ion:

C. Nitride ion:

D. Aluminum Ion:

Question 27) Which of the following statements does not form part of Bohr՚s model of hydrogen atom?

A. Energy of the electrons in the orbit is quantized.

B. The electron in the orbit nearest to the nucleus has the lowest energy.

C. Electrons revolve in different orbits around the nucleus.

D. The position and velocity of the electron in the orbit cannot be determined simultaneously.

Question 28) Identify X and Y in the given figure.

Identify X and Y in the Given Figure

B. X = Mixture of naphthalene and anthracene

Y = Solid naphthalene

C. X = Mixture of NaCl and water

Y = Solid NaCl

D. X = Mixture of NaCl and anthracene

Y = Solid anthracene

E. X = Mixture of sugar and NaCl

Y = Solid sugar

Question 29) Read the given statements and select the option which correctly identifies X, Y and Z.

(i) Crop X is grown from March to June.

(ii) Crop Y is grown from October/November to April.

(iii) Crop Z is grown from June to October.

A. X could be cucumber and Z could be paddy.

B. Y could be maize, and Z could be wheat.

C. X could be wheat and Y could be cotton.

D. X could be pea and Y could be soybean.

Question 30) Read the statements given in the box regarding a particular type of animal tissue “X” .

(i) Cells of X are as tall as wide.

(ii) It helps in gamete formation.

(iii) It lines sweat glands and salivary glands.

Identify X and select the correct statement regarding it.

A. X could be squamous epithelial tissue which is present in blood capillaries for exchange of materials between body cells and blood.

B. X could be cuboidal epithelial tissue which is also present in nephrons of kidney.

C. X could be columnar epithelial tissue present in Fallopian tube which helps in movement of ovum/zygote.

D. X could be compound epithelial tissue present in skin which protects from mechanical wear and tear.

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