NSO Level 2 Class 9 Science Paper 2017 − 18 Questions and Answers Part 5

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Question30) Refer to the given figure and select the correct statement regarding it.

Statement Regarding It

A. P is selectively permeable whereas S is freely permeable to small molecules.

B. Q contains the green pigment molecules and is the site of dark reaction during photosynthesis.

C. R is a green colored, agranular substance where dark reaction takes place during photosynthesis.

D. R is the site of dark reaction whereas Q is the site of light reaction during photosynthesis.

Question31) Read the given passage.

X is the movement of solvent from the region of its higher concentration to the region of its lower concentration across the semi-permeable membrane only.

Identify X and select the correct statement regarding it.

A. It is an energy dependent process and therefore always requires carrier proteins.

B. It is dependent upon kinetic energy of molecules and can occur in both air and liquid medium.

C. It does not equalize the concentration of solvent molecule in the medium involved.

D. It helps in the exchange of respiratory gases between the body cells and their environment

Question32) Refer to the given figures X and Y showing L. S. of two types of simple permanent tissue in plants.

Refer to the Given Figures X and Y

Identify the tissues and select the correct option regarding them.

A. X provides buoyancy and helps in gaseous exchange whereas Y provides elasticity to plant body.

B. X occurs mostly in aerial parts of the plants whereas Y is distributed in almost all plant parts.

C. X helps to store water in succulent plants whereas Y helps in water conduction in roots of monocots.

D. X serves as packing tissue whereas Y provides a protective covering around seeds and nuts.

Question33) Refer to the given flow chart and select the incorrect statement regarding W, X, Y and Z.

Refer to the Given Flow Chart

A. W could be abundant in RBCs whereas X could be absent in xylem parenchyma.

B. Y provides energy during starvation whereas Z provides surface for synthesis of steroid hormones.

C. W helps in synthesis of proteins whereas Y secretes enzymes which are used for breaking limiting membrane of eggs.

D. X could provide intermediates for the synthesis of certain steroids and cytochromes whereas Z stores calcium for release during muscle contraction.

Question 34. Read the given table and identify the correct pair of differences.

Read the Given Table and Identify the Correct Pair of Differences
I.It includes seedless plants.It includes plants having seeds.
II.It has only vascular plants.It has both non-vascular and vascular plants.
III.Plant body is differentiated into true roots, stem and leaves.Plant body may or may not be differentiated into true roots, stem and leaves.
IV.Water is required for fertilization.Water is not required for fertilization.

A. I and II only

B. II and III only

C. II and IV only

D. I and IV only

Question35) Refer to the given figures and select the correct statement regarding W, X, Y and Z.

Statement Regarding W, X, Y andZ

A. W helps to dissolve blood clot whereas X releases a chemical that acts as an euro transmitter.

B. Y contains hydrolytic enzymes whereas Z after entering tissue spaces changes to macrophage.

C. X releases a chemical that helps to dilate blood vessels whereas Z produces antibodies to destroy microbes and their toxins.

D. W, X and Y are produced only in the bone marrow whereas Z is produced only in the lymph nodes.

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