Important for Examination Quick Tips How to Answer MCQ Questions

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Multiple choice test questions can be confusing. Here՚s a toolbox of tricks and strategies to help you to become a master in answering multiple choice questions.

1. Read the instructions before you begin answering any questions.

2. Preview the test: it՚s a good idea to read through the test before you start with it. Thereby you get a feel of the information on the test and the amount of time you need to spend on any one part of the test.

3. When you read through the test, pick out questions that you find ‘easy’ i.e.. you are sure of the answer. Answer those first.

4. Look for clues to the correct answer in the question asked.

5. Ignore the option that is unrelated to the question.

6. Look for a single pair of opposite answer options. The correct response is likely to be one of the two options in the pair, so ignore the other choices.

7. When you read the question, treat each option as a true or false question, and choose the option that is the ‘most true’ .

8. When you read the question, guess or predict the answer before looking at the given options.