Syllabus for IEO (English Olympiad) Class 7

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Class 7

Total Questions : 50

Time : 1 hr.


Section – 1 : Spellings, Collocations and Words related to Travel, Locations, Activities, Homonyms and Homophones, etc. Synonyms, Antonyms, Analogies and Spellings, One word, Phrasal Verbs and Idioms, Modals, Word order, Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adverbs, Adjectives, Articles, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Punctuation, Tenses, Voices and Narration, etc.

Section – 2 :Search for and retrieve information from various text types like News stories, Brochures, Formal and informal letters and advertisements. Understand information given in news reports, Brochures, Itinerary, etc., Acquire broad understanding of and look for specific information in short narratives, Biographies, Notices and Messages etc.

Section – 3 : Ability to understand situation-based variations in functions like requesting and refusing, Apologies and stating of preferences and expression of intent, etc.

Section – 4 : Higher Order Thinking Questions - Syllabus as per Sections 1, 2

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