International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)

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The IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad) is a competitive exam of mathematics meant to find the talent and passion of mathematics in students and encourage them to develop themselves in the same field for students all over the world. He exam is taken in two stages. The examination paper has three sections consisting of total 50 questions. This is to be attempted within 60 minutes. The first section consists of 20 questions which is of Logical Reasoning, second section is of Mathematical Reasoning consisting of 20 questions, and third section is Everyday Mathematics consisting of 10 questions. Each question carries one mark. There is no negative marking for incorrect answers. The questions are Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) type and the answers are to be written in an OMR sheet. Students from all classes 1 − 12 can appear for the exam. The result sheet states a Math Quotient (MQ) of the student, also gives their Score, School Rank, City Rank, State Rank, International Rank and Percentile, as well as a Certificate of Participation. SOF also gives a report of performance of the schools and provides the schools with School Math Quotient (SMQ) . A School Math Genius Medal is awarded to every class topper in each participating school. However there should be minimum 10 participants from the school.

The students are selected for a 2nd level examination and according to the marks obtained at this level, the prizes are awarded. The criteria for selection for the 2nd level exam are as follows: The student should have secured International Rank from 1 − 500 (both inclusive) and/or State Rank from 1 − 10 (both inclusive) and/or School Rank 1 (where minimum 10 students have appeared) . All the students who have appeared for the IMO ( 2nd level) are given a Certificate of Merit. The respective school of each student with International Rank from 1 − 3 (both inclusive) is awarded a Math Intellect Trophy (MIT) for having the winning students on their rolls. India hosted the 5th IMO on December 8,2011. The awarding scheme for IMO is as follows:

International RankPrizes for classes 1 − 6Prizes for classes 7 − 12
1Laptop₹ 1,00, 000/-
2Laptop₹ 50,000/-
3Laptop₹ 25,000/-
4 − 10₹ 5,000/-₹ 5,000/-
11 − 20₹ 2,500/-₹ 2,500/-
21 − 501000/-1000/-
51 − 500Educational CDsEducational CDs

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