IMO FAQs: Eligiblity, Requirements, Formalities Etc

  1. How does a student benefit by taking IMO?

    • The test teaches the students the spirit of competition, hard work and then finally encourages them through felicitation. Students can appear for test and judge where they stand at school, at city and state and International level. Students are given awards on their International and State ranking. Prizes include cash prizes, computers, medals, I-pads, gifts etc. The top 3 students of each class are given awards at grand prize distribution ceremonies presided over by eminent personalities. Other prizes are either sent to the schools or can be collected from the Foundation's office after announcement.
  2. Who all are eligible to sit for the IMO?

    • Students studying from class 1 to 12 can appear for the test. Once they clear the IMO, they get to the next level. But only top 5% internationally ranked students class wise, the school toppers from each class (with minimum 10 students enrolled from particular class) and ten state toppers class wise are allowed to move to the second level.
  3. I am interested to take part in the IMO. How will I acknowledge the details of the exam?

    • The students can know all the necessary and accurate information either from the school representatives or from the official website i.e.. All the relevant information is delivered to the schools all over the country/Asian countries along with prospectus, registration forms and posters before the first round and then for the second round also, the information is sent seperately.
  4. We want to appear for the IEO exam but our school has not yet received any information regarding the Olympiad. How shall we register?

  5. What is the syllabus for the IMO?

    • The medium of exam will be english. The entire syllabus of the IEO is based on what you have learnt till your classes all the years. However it includes syllabus by the CBSE, ICSE or various state boards. You may find the syllabus on the Foundation's website.
  6. Are there any special books which the participants should refer to for the IMO preparation?

    • There are no special books which you need to refer for the exam. Yet it would be preferable that you go through MTG IMO class wise workbooks. Mental Ability part of MTG Book's, NSO work book and NCO work book would prove to be useful. For class 8, 9 & 10 read MTG Mental Ability in 30 days & MTG Math IQ Challenge is preferable.
  7. My school does not want to register for the IEO, but I am very eager to appear for the exam. Can I register it myself?

    • SOF does not accept individual participation. Students have to register through their schools only.
  8. I have already appeared for the IMO in my previous classes. Can I appear again?

    • Yes, for sure. In fact, you must appear. This will help you improve your ranking and scores and if you are successful in doing so, you will again be eligible for certificates and prizes.
  9. My school has already despatched the registration forms. I am left out and I want to register myself for the IMO. What can I do?

    • You can request your school authority to send your name for registration along with the fees to us. We will accept it if it reaches us before the last date of registration (usually 30 days before the exam).
  10. I am going to write the IMO for the first time. Can I get sample papers?

    • The sample Papers have been sent to all the registered schools along with the receipts. Also you can find those papers on SOF website. Sample papers sent to the schools before the first level test are helpful and they can be used for both levels of IMO.
  11. What is the structure and pattern of the examination?

    • For class 1 to 4: The questiona paper will have 35 questions which are to be solved in 60 minutes. There will be a separate question paper for each class.
    • The three sections in which question paper will be divided are:
    • Section I-Logical and Analytical Reasoning (10 questions)
    • Section II-Mathematical Reasoning (15 questions)
    • Section III-Everyday Mathematics (10 questions)
    • For class 5 to 12: The questiona paper will have 50 questions which are to be solved in 60 minutes. The three sections in which question paper will be divided are:
    • Section I: Logical and Analytical Reasoning (20 questions)
    • Section II: Mathematical reasoning (20 questions)
    • Section III: Everyday mathematics (10 questions)
  12. When are the results of IMO declared?

    • Results of both the levels of IEO are declared within 7 − 8 weeks of the examination. These results, you can get it directly through school or you can look up for them on the SOF website.
  13. I have taken part in the IMO. Can I also take part in the National Science Olympiad (IMO), International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) and International English Olympiad (IEO)?

    • Yes you can take part in all of them. Although conducted by the same Foundation, IEO, IEO, IEO and IEO are four completely different competitions. Students can register for all the 4 Olympiads in a year.
  14. Do I have to regularly visit your website for the latest update of SOF activities?

    • You can find all the important information regarding Olympiads, Seminars, etc. like date, time and venue on SOF website.
  15. I've cleared 2nd level of the IMO and I've come to know that I'm eligible for an award. I have passed out the school where I has registered from and am now pursuing further studies. Will I come to know about the date and venue of prize ceremony?

    • As soon as the dates and venues of the presentation ceremonies are finalized, we let the concerned schools know about it. Also the information is sent to the winners'residence addresses as available with us. So preferably please be in touch with your previous school. The information will also be put on the website.
  16. I have still not received my Roll No./Admit Card/Participation Certificate. I have checked from my school authorities and they are also not in receipt of the same. Kindly advise what to do?

    • May you request your Principal/Computer Teacher to inform us that they haven't received the documents. We shall send duplicate copies to your school as soon as we get to know about it from them.
  17. We have come to know about your Foundation and we are interested. How do we enroll our school with you?

    • Please send us the complete address of your school. We will send detailed information, prospectus and registration forms to your School at the appropriate time. Please send the address in the underwritten format.
    • School Name: Address: City: State: Pin code Phone No. With STD Code: E-mail: Principal
  18. Is the IMO conducted in English only?

    • Yes, the medium of test is only English.
  19. We have less than 50 students in our school who are interested to take part in the IMO. Can we still enroll for the test?

    • The foundation cannot make the school a centre where there are less than 50 students as it is not viable for it. Hence at least 50 students should be enrolled from a school so that a school becomes a center.
  20. Give criteria for ranking.

    • Marks obtained in the first level is the criteria upon which the students will be ranked.
    • In case there is a tie between two or more students, ranks will be determined on following priority and criteria:
    • The marks obtained in various sections of the first level exam as every section has its own separate weightage.
    • More than one student may get same rank.
    • In case of level 2, the following criteria will apply:
    • Student with the higher marks in level 2 exam.
    • In case of a tie, weightage will be accorded as per following priority: The marks obtained in various sections of the first level exam as every section has its own separate weightage. Student with higher marks in Level 1 exam. Student with higher marks in sections in level one paper accorded more weightage.
    • Based on past performance of student.
    • Based on interview conducted by SOF.
    • Note: 2nd level exam is held for Cyber, Science & Mathematics Olympiads.
    • In level two, no two students will be given same rank.

Discussions & Questions

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    For IMO preparation get detailed solved questions including past papers -

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    18 December is already over. We suggest that you start preparing for next year's examination.

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