ISKO Syllabus for Class 3

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CLASS-3 Syllabus

Section 1:

  • Playing fields

  • Rules and equipment’s of different sports including adventure sports

  • Famous courts and stadiums

  • Awards related to sports

  • Asian and Commonwealth games and the places where they are held

  • National games of different countries

  • Healthy diet and exercise for sports fitness

  • Yoga and aerobics

Section 2:

Questions related to Olympics 2016 and Olympics history.

Section 3:

  • Our country and the world around

  • Famous personalities

  • Plants and animals

  • Phrases and idioms

  • Abbreviations and quotes

  • Maths fun

  • Transport and communication

  • Science and technology

  • Current affairs

Section 4:

Higher order thinking questions- Syllabus as per Section 1, 2 and 3.

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