Syllabus for NCO (National Cyber Olympiad) Class 3

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Class -3

Total Questions: 35

Time: 1 hr.


Section – 1 : Patterns, Analogy and Classification, Coding-Decoding, Mirror Images, Embedded Figures, Alphabet Test, Ranking Test, Grouping of Figures, Figure Matrix, Geometrical Shapes, Days and Dates & Possible Combinations.

Section – 2 : Fundamentals of Computer, General Information about Computers, Storage Devices, Parts of Computer, Uses of Computer, Input and Output Devices, Introduction to Internet, MS-Paint, Introduction to MS-Word (Opening, Closing, Saving and Printing a Word document, Components of MS-Word window, Editing commands like Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo and Redo, Moving in a document using Home and End Keys) , Latest Developments in the field of IT.

Section – 3 : Higher Order Thinking Questions - Syllabus as per Section – 2.

Questions are based on Windows 7 and MS-Office 2010.

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