Olympiads Conducted by SOF

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The SOF Olympiad includes various Olympiads under its canopy. The Science Olympiad is to identify the scientific talent from the country. This include various subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

The National Cyber Olympiad is an International talent hunt competition that looks out for a burning fire within for computers among the younger generation.

The IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad) is a medium to find and motivate the talent of playing with numbers among the students.

The IEO International English Olympiad is an international hunt for students who have rigoruos approach and aptitude towards english language and have excelled in the field.

The Foundation works strongly on the belief that the feeling of healthy competition should prevail amongst them which leads to success in their lives ahead. Apart from it, the foundation also believes that success in earlier life develops confidence among the students so well that they can largely exploit their talent well in the years to come.

The students clear these competitive exams if they have a high level of analytical ability and correct usage of concepts and basics at the moment of requirement. This is largely required in their later lives when admissions to famous universities, colleges and educational institutions is based on the aspects covered in the competitive students. Hence, in a way, these exams are preparing students for the future.

Apart from preparing the students for the future, the Foundation also works and conducts seminars, workshops, and teacher training programmes in the state capitals of the country. It held one such seminar cum workshop for science teachers at St. Columba՚s School, New Delhi. The topic of the discussion for the entire seminar was innovation in Science Teaching. This seminar was attended by 160 science teachers from 46 schools and 13 resource persons of eminence and erudition were drawn from IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur and Delhi University who freely and generously shared their teaching skill, expertise and knowledge with the participants. For most of the teachers it was a stimulating, refreshing and learning experience and an eye-opener.

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