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Percent Change Problems (Aptitude): 15 Sec Shortcut Tricks (Marks, Population, Area)

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Image of Features of Percent

Image of Features of Percent

Image of Surface Area To Volume Ration

Image of Surface Area to Volume Ration

If the Sides of a Cube is Increased by 100%. Find the % Change in Its Area. What About Volume?

500%, 700%

If the Base Radius of a Right Circular Cylinder is Increased by 15%, and Its Height is Reduced by 20%, Find the Percentage Change in Its Volume


Krishna’S Salary is 20 % Less Than Radha. By What % is Radha’S Salary More Than Krishna?


Which Would Produce Greater Net Income on Gross of 2000? 10% Tax over 200 Rs 12% Tax over 400 Rs

20, 32

A Labour Works 60 Hr. Per Week and He Earns Rs. 2400. If His Per Hour Salary is Increased by 16 % and Hours Reduced by 20%. Find the % Change in His Income

928, 7.2%

If the Numerator of a Fraction is Increased by 200% and the Denominator is Increased by 360%, the Resultant Fraction is 5/12. What Was the Original Fraction?


If the Income Tax Were to be Increased by 19% then Net Income is Reduced by 1%. Find the Current Rate of Income Tax


The Population of a Village is 9600. If the Males and Females Are Increased by 8% and 5%, then Population Will Become 10,272 After 1 Year. Find the Number of Males at Present

10272-10080=192, m = 64, 100m=6400

In a Town, the Population Was 8000. In One Year, Male Population Increased by 10% and Female Population Increased by 8% but the Total Population Increased by 9%. The Number of Males in the Town Was?


When a Student Scores 30% Marks then He Fails by 5 Marks. However, when He Score 40% Marks then He Gets 10 More Than Passing Marks. Find Maximum Marks. What About Passing %?

150, 33.3%

Ice of rice is 20% the price of the wheat. If the price of wheat is increased by 20% then, find the % reduction in consumption of rice, to keep the expenditure same.

A company allows 7% commission on total sales of salesman. However, if the salesman was appointed on a fix salary of Rs. 3000, then he gets 4% commission on the sales more than Rs. 10000. If a salesman would receive Rs. 800 more in second condition then the first condition, then find his total sales?

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