Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Desultory, Dexterity to Doleful

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adj- lacking a plan; aimless

Also used as: Desultorily- adv; desultoriness- noun

The team leader’s desultory approach to the project frustrated everyone involved.


noun- high level of skill especially with the hands; adroitness

Also used as: Dexterous- adj-

Ambidextrous 32

My grandmother’s dexterity helped her produce beautiful quilts.


adj- insightful; perceptive

Also used as: Discern- verb; discernible- adj

She has a discerning nature, which allows her to understand her clients on a dep level.


noun- disagreement; dissonance, disunity

Also used as: Discordant- adj; discordantly –adv

A certain amount of discord is expected within every family.


noun- exchange of ideas; conversation

Also used as: Discourse- verb

We anticipated a heated debate, but the discourse remained civil.


noun- a feeling of scorn or contempt

Also used as: Disdain- verb; disdainful- adj

Ethel loved her son but treated his wife with disdain.


adj- swollen; extended

Also used as: Distend- verb; distension or distention –noun

The toxins had greatly distended the man’s body.


adj- sticking to widely-accepted belief, even when faced with contrary evidence; closed minded

Also used as: Dogma, dogmatism- nouns

Religious dogma must somehow allow for social change.


adj- extremely sad

Dolorous, doldrums, and condolences

Her doleful eyes told the story of a difficult life.

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