Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Rebuff, Recluse to Revere, Rotund

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verb- take back something you’ve said, withdraw a statement or belief

Malcolm changed his mind recanted his original story about the robbery.


noun- person who prefers to be alone all the time; someone withdrawn from the rest of society

Also used as: Reclusive- adj; reclusion- noun

After his wife died, he lived alone a virtual recluse for twenty years.


adj- hidden; difficult to understand; profound

Also used as: Reconditeness- noun; reconditely- adv

The strange recondite message scrawled on the wall bewildered everyone.


adj- strongly scented; fragrant

Also used as: Redolence- noun

The spring air was redolent with cut grass and lilacs.


verb- reduce or demote to an inferior place or position; banish

Also used as: Relegation- noun

After making one too many mistakes Tim was relegated to harmless position.


verb- scold; criticize; disapprove of

Also used as: Reproved reproof- nouns

Lynn was hurt by her father’s reproof.


verb- disown; reject

Also used as: Repudiation- noun

Pam repudiated her membership and any coactions with the organization.


verb- greatly respect

Also used as: Reverence- noun

Winston Churchill was reversed as a great statesman.


adj- round

Also used as: Rotundity- noun

We could see the elephant’s rotund silhouettes.

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