Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Sanction, Scanty to Solemn, Stealth

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verb—approve; give consent

In full support the president, Congress sanctioned his use of military force.


adj small in quantity, insufficient

Also used as: Scantily (adv); scantiness (noun); scant (adj)

With such scanty evidence, the prosecution was forced to drop the charges.


adj- unchanging; motionless

Also used as: Stasis (noun); statically (adv)

Traffic was static for almost an hour.


adj- unnecessary; extra

Also used as: Superfluously (adv); superfluity (noun)

She had six mailboxes outside her house; five of them were superfluous.


verb- support; nurture; take on

Also used as: Substance (noun); sustaining, Sustainable (adj)

During times of tragedy, many people are sustained by their religious faith.


verb- examine closely; inspect carefully

Also used as: Scrutiny (noun)

The inspection went on for hours because the captain scrutinized every locker.


adj- limited to the beliefs of a small group, such as a religious sect; narrow in scope

Also used as: Sect- noun

Terry had big questions and needs to break free of the sectarian views of her childhood.


adj- coiled; twisted; winding

It would hard to drive a bus on such a serpentine road.


noun- separation from other people; isolation

Also used as: Secluded- adj

After resigning from office, President Nixon went into seclusion for many months.


noun- negative oral remarks about another person that are untrue, malign

Also used as: Slander- verb; slanderous- adj

You can’t claim slander it the statements about you are true.


adj- serious; somber; grave

Also used as: Solemnity- noun; solemnly- adv

A funeral director must be solemn and friendly at the same time.


noun- secretive behavior

Also used as: Stealthy-adj; stealthily- adv

A good pickpocket’s two major traits are stealth and dexterity.

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