Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Xenophobia to Yoke, Zenith, Zealot

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noun- the fear or hatred of anything foreign

Also used as: Xenophobic- adj

Millions of people have been killed because of nothing more than xenophobia.


verb- gives up; give in

We yielded to their pleas and went to the party.


verb- to link or join together; marry

Also used as: Yoke- noun- the wooden frame used to join two oxen so they can pull the plow.

Walter was yoked to his job and his family had to settle for second place.


noun- the highest point; apex

Also used as: Zenithal (adj)

She retired at the zenith of her career before her skills began to decline.


noun- someone with an extreme enthusiasm for a particular belief or activity; a fanatic

Also used as: Zeal, zealotry, zealousness-nouns; zealous- adj; zealously- adv

Many religious zealots have been willing to die for their beliefs.

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