Significance, Circus Reactor: Economy, Security and Diaspora

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  • Canada is endowed with vast natural reserves in potash, uranium, coal, oil and gas, diamonds, agriculture, and forestry and offers good opportunities for investments or joint ventures.

  • With its advanced technological base Canada can become India’s natural partner in agriculture, food processing, education, science and technology, innovation, environment, cleaner technologies, etc.

  • India would welcome investment from Canada in sectors such as infrastructure, energy, mining, health, education, communication, food processing, information technology, etc.

  • India provides Canada with skilled and trained manpower base, a growing market, and a cost-effective manufacturing base.

  • Built upon a “mutual commitment to democracy”, “pluralism”, and “people-to-people links,” according to the government of Canada.

Cirrus Reactor


  • Bilateral trade during the calendar year of 2010 touched US$ 4 billion mark.

  • negotiations towards CEPA.

  • The two leaders set a trade target of $ 15 billion annually in the next five years.(in 2009)

PM’S Visit on Sidelines of G-20 in June 2010

  • Agreement for Cooperation in Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy and three MOUs concerning cooperation in the field of Earth Sciences and Mining, Culture, and Higher Education.

  • The two Prime Ministers met again at Seoul (G20 Summit) on 17

  • November 2010 and announced the launch of negotiations towards CEPA.


Following several acts of terrorism in the 20th Century, most prominent of which was the bombing of Air India Flight 182 in 1985, Canada and India maintain a bilateral dialogue on counterterrorism, including an annual meeting of the Canada-India Strategic Dialogue, as well as regular meetings of the aforementioned Canada-India Working Group on Counter-Terrorism.


  • Canada is home to 962,670 people of Indian origin (2006 Census).There are currently 8 Indo-Canadian MPs in the House of Commons and two in the Senate.

  • Over 30% work in professional and managerial positions.

  • Ujjah Dossanje: Premier of British Columbia; Rohinton Mistry, Robin Sharma

  • As on June 2010, there are 10,050 Indian students studying in various Canadian Universities/colleges.

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