Famous Line, Frontiers, Geographical Discoveries, World –Minerals, World – Industries, Countries and Alternative Names

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Famous Line, Frontiers

Durand Line: Pakistan and Afghanistan

Hindenburg Line: Germany and Poland.

Mac Mohan Line: India and China

Maginot Line: France and Germany.

Oder Neisse Line: East Germany and Poland.

Radcliffe Line: India and Pakistan

Siegfried Line: Germany and France.

17th Parallel : North and South Vietnam

24th Parallel : India and Pakistan

38th Parallel : North and South Korea

49th Parallel : U.S.A. and Canada

Geographical Discoveries

America: Christopher Columbus

Sea-route to India: Vasco-da-Gama

North Pole: Robert Peary

South Pole: Amundsen

Suez Canal: Designed by Ferdinand de Lesseps

World -Minerals

Aluminium: USA, France & India

Asbestos: Canada, Zimbabwe

Bauxite: Australia, Guinea

Chromium: Zimbabwe, India

Coal: U.S.A., England, Russia and Germany

Copper Ore: CIS, U.S.A.

Crude Oil: CIS, Saudi Arabia

Diamonds: CIS, Zaire

Gold: South Africa, South America, Australia

Graphite Ore: CIS, Brazil

Ilmenite: India

Iron Ore: U.S.A., Russia

Lignite: East Germany, CIS

Manganese Ore: CIS, South Africa

Mercury: Italy, Spain

Mica, Monazite: India

Natural Gas: U.S.A., CIS

Nickel Ore: Canada, CIS

Petroleum: U.S.A., Russia & Middle East Countries

Phosphate: U.S.A., CIS

Silver: Mexico, U.S.A., and India

Steel: U.S.A., Russia, U.K. & Germany

Tin: Malaysia, Indonesia

Uranium: U.S.A., Canada

Zinc Ore: Canada, CIS

World - Industries

Baku (Russia): Petroleum

Bangkok (Thailand): Shipping

Belfast (Ireland): Ship buildings, Linen goods

Buenos Aires (Argentina): Dairy Products

Cadiz (Spain): Cork

Chicago (U.S.A.): Gramophone

Detroit (U.S.A.): Automobiles

Dresden: Optical and Photographic apparatus

Glasgow (Scotland): Machinery, Textiles

Havana (Cuba): Cigar

Hollywood (U.S.A.): Films

Johannesburg (South Africa): Gold Mines

Kimberley (South Africa): Diamond Mining

Leeds (England): Woollen Goods

Los Angeles (U.S.A.): Film, Oil

Lyons (France): Silk

Morocco (North America): Leather

Munich (Germany): Lenses

New Orleans (U.S.A.): Cotton

Pittsburgh (U.S.A.): Iron and Steel

Plymouth (England): Ship building

Sheffield: Cutlery

Venice (Italy): Glass

Vienna (Austria): Glass

Wellington (New Zealand): Dairy Products

Countries and Alternative Names

Bechuanaland: Botswana

Burma: Myanmar

Ceylon: Sri Lanka

Dutch Guiana: Surinam

Formosa: Taiwan

India: Bharat

Japan: Nippon

North Borneo: Sabah

Kampuchea: Cambodia

Rhodesia: Zimbabwe

Siam: Thailand

South-West Africa: Namibia

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