Shanti Tigga, Less Likely, Oana Lungescu and Major Laishram Jyotin Singh

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Shanti Tigga

Has become the first woman jawan in the defence forces. She joined the 969 Railway Engineer Regiment of Territorial Army in Oct 2011.

Devan Sharma

  • President of Standard and Poor’s since 2007

  • S&P downgraded US debt to AA+ from AAA under his leadership

Gopa Sabharwal

Appointed the first Vice Chancellor of the Nalanda International University in 2011

Less Likely

Dadoji Konddeo

He was a revenue expert in 16th century India under Shivaji. He is considered to be Shivaji’s mentor. Recently there was a controversy in Maharashtra over shifting his statue.

Aqeel Shatir

He is an Urdu poet from Gujarat who had allegedly written a defamatory paragraph about Narendra Modi in one of his books. The Gujarat Urdu Sahitya Academy cancelled his assistance for publishing for this.

Oana Lungescu

First woman spokesperson of NATO

Bradley Manning

Former US Army intelligence analyst held responsible for leaking government documents to Wikileaks

Mayookha Johny

Indian athelete – long jumper. Won gold medal in long jump at the Asian Athletics Championship held at Kobe, Japan in 2011.

K Srinath Reddy

Indian cardiologies. Awarded honorary doctorate degree by Scotland’s Aberdeen University.

Major Laishram Jyotin Singh

Awarded Ashok Chakra in 2011. He was posted at Kabul embassy during the 26th January 2010 suicide attack at the Indian embassy in Kabul. He attacked the terrorist with his bare hands and caused the bomb vest worn by the terrorist to explode outside and cause less damage than intended.

Mark Duggan

  • An Afro Caribbean youth in London

  • He was shot and killed by armed police force in confrontation

  • His death triggered riots in London

Mahesh Rangarajan

He is a renowned environmental historian, political commentator and Dy professor.

Nisha Desai Biswal

Nominated to the post of Assistant Administrator for Asia in USAID

Yuvraj Walmiki

Is an Indian Hockey player. He was the part of the team which won the Asian Champions trophy in 2011. The 21-year-old scored during the penalty shoot-out against Pakistan in the final to help India take an important lead and eventually win the tournament

Timothy Walsh

Author of the superbug study.

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