Terrorism, Anti-Terrorism Agencies, Ill-Equipped, the Problems in Dealing with Terrorism

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  • Bomb blasts in Mumbai on 13th July

  • The recent incidents of mv Wisdom and mv Pavit landing up at the Juhu beach give an impression that the coast-guard is not fully equipped

  • The CAG in its report said that coast guard was “ill-equipped” to discharge its enhanced role

  • Bomb blast in Delhi in Sept 2011.

Anti-Terrorism Agencies

  • National Investigations Agency (NIA)

  • National Counter-Terrorism Centre (NCTC)

  • National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID)

The Problems in Dealing with Terrorism

  • Grassroots police capabilities and competence leave much to be desired

  • Intelligence sharing and action on intelligence information seems poor

  • Bihar has a pathetic 74.29 police for every 100,000 residents, about a quarter of what it needs.

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