PAR: Fields of Scientific Studies G

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Fields of Scientific Study: G

  • Garbology: Study of garbage
  • Gastroenterology: Study of stomach; intestines
  • Gastronomy: Study of fine dining
  • Gemmology: Study of gems and jewels
  • Genealogy: Study of descent of families
  • Genesiology: Study of reproduction and heredity
  • Genethlialogy: The art of casting horoscopes
  • Geochemistry: Study of chemistry of the earth's crust
  • Geochronology: Study of measuring geological time
  • Geogeny: Science of the formation of the earth's crust
  • Geogony: Study of formation of the earth
  • Geography: Study of surface of the earth and its inhabitants
  • Geology: Study of earth's crust
  • Geomorphogeny: Study of the origins of land forms
  • Geoponics: Study of agriculture

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