Inventions and Scientist: Origin of Life, Oxygen and Paints

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Inventions and Scientists

Origin of Life (artificial) Stanley Millar

Oxygen J.B. Priestley

Paints Shalimar

Parachute Andre-Jacques

Penicillin Alexander Fleming

Periodic Law Mendeleev

Phonograph Edison

Photography L. Daguerre

Photography (Coloured) Gabriel Lippman

Pneumatic Tyre Dunlop

Poliomyelitis (vaccine) Jonas Salk

Polythene Fawcett

Pressure Cooker Dennis Papin Robert Boyle

Printing Press Caxton

Printing for the Blind Louis Braille

Quantum Theory Max Planck

Radar Robert Watson Watt

Radio Telephone Lee De Forest

Radio Transmitter Alexanderson

Radio signals G. Marconi

Railway Engine Stephenson

Raman Effect C.V. Raman

Razor (Safety) Gillette

Razor (Electric) Jacob Schick

Rayon Joseph Swann

Refrigerator Harrison & Catlin

Relativity, theory of A. Einstein

Replacing human heart Christian Barnard

Revolver Samuel Colt

Rh-factor Karl Landsteiner

Rubber (latex foam) Dunlop Co.

Rubber (tyres) Thomas Hancock

Rubber (vulcanised) Goodyear

Rubber (waterproof) Macintosh

Safety Lamp Humphrey Davy

Safety Matches J.E. Land storm

Safety Pin William Hunt

Safety Razor Gillette

Salk vaccine (Anti Polio) Dr. Jonas E. Salk

Seismograph Robert Mallet

Sewing Machine Isaac Singer

Ship (Steam) J.C. Pierier

Ship (turbine) Charles Parsons

Shorthand Pitman

Skyscraper Baron Jenny

Solar system Copernicus

Spectacles Venice (Italy)

Stethoscope Rene Lainnec & William Stockes

Steel (Stainless) Henry Bearley

Space Flying Wernher Von

Submarine Bushell

T.N.T. (high explosive) will Brand

Tank (Military) Swinton

Telegraph William Cook

Telegraph Code Samuel Morse

Telephone Graham Bell

Telescope Galileo

Telescope (Reflecting) Newton

Television J.L. Baird

Thermometer Fahrenheit

Torpedo Robert Whitehead

Transformer William Stanley

Transistor W. Shockley & Bardeen

Tuberculosis bacilli Robert Koch

Tungsten Coolidge

Turbine Engine Charles Parsons

Typewriter Sholes

Tyre (Cycle) Dunlop

Tyre (Pneumatic) Dunlop

Umbrella Samuel Fox

Uranium Henry Becquerel

Uranus (planet) William Herchel

Vacuum Flask James Dewar

Vaccination (Small Pox) Edward Jenner

Vitamin D F.C. Hopkins

Vitamins Funk

Vulcanisation Goodyear

Washing Machine Hurley Machine Co.

Washing Soda Leblanc

Watch (winding) Greguet

Weaving Machine Kay

Welding (Electric) Thomson

Wireless Telegraphy G. Marconi

X-ray Roentgen

X-ray tube Coolidge

Xenon W. Ramsay & M. Travers

Xerography Chester Carison

Xerox Haloid-Xerox

Yellow fever, cause of Reed

ZETA (Zero Energy Thermo Harwell

Harwell nuclear Assembly)

Zip Fastener W. L. Judson

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