Largest Country in Asean, Indonesia Has Oil and Gas: Concerns

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  • India-ASEAN FTA is already in place

  • In October 2010, India and Indonesia implemented a free trade pact that slashed the import duties on thousands of products, such as seafood, chemicals and apparel.

  • In 2011, January the two countries agreed to begin negotiations for concluding a Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) and set a bilateral trade target of $25 billion by 2025 against %11 billion in 2009-10.

  • Both countries have agreed to have a Biennial Trade Ministers Forum, including the establishment of a Trade and Investment Forum between the trade ministers to exploit the potential of trade and investment opportunities in both countries.

  • They have also signed MoUs to cooperate in the food security sector.

Indonesia - Largest Country in ASEAN

  • Large Muslim population-Coop in counter terrorism

  • Historic ties: NAM

  • LAPAN and ISRO Cooperation: satellite Launching technology

  • Democracy initiative: Bali Democracy Forum

  • Potential : Tourism

  • Eco: CECA is being negotiated; awareness is low about investment potential;$14.8b in 2010

Indonesia Has Oil & Gas


  • Pak is getting closer to Indonesia

  • Aceh separatist movement

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