Modernisation of Police Forces: Most Important Topic For 2020 PAR

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  • Police’ and ‘law and order’ fall under the category of subjects within the domain of the State as per Entry 2 of List II of the VIIth Schedule in the Constitution of India. Thus, the principal responsibility for managing these subjects lies with the State Governments.

  • However, the States have not been able to fully modernize & equip their police forces Upto the desired level due to financial constraints. It is in this context that the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has been supplementing the efforts & resources of the States, from time to time, by implementing the Scheme for Modernisation of State Police Forces (MPF Scheme) since 1969-70.

Continuation of MPF Scheme for a Period of Five Years

  • The Government has approved the proposal for continuation of the Scheme of Modernization of State Police Forces (MPF Scheme) for five years from 2012-13 to 2016-17 under ‘Non-Plan’ & ‘Plan’, with an allocation of Rs.8628.43 crore under ‘Non-Plan’ (including Rs.432.90 crore for Mega City Policing for Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Bengaluru) & Rs.3750.87 crore in the ‘Plan’.

  • The actual allocation of funds to State Governments under the Scheme, both under ‘Non-Plan’ & ‘Plan’, would, however, depend upon the budgetary resources made available by the Ministry of Finance & Planning Commission in each financial year. The allocation of available funds amongst the States under the Scheme shall be made by MHA on pro-rata basis, in terms of the distribution ratio approved for this purpose.


  • The objective of the scheme is to gradually reduce the dependence of the State Governments on the Army & the Central Armed Police Forces to control internal security & law and order situations by equipping the State Police Forces adequately & strengthening their training infrastructure.

  • The focus of the scheme is to strengthen police infrastructure at cutting edge level by construction of secure police stations, training centres, police housing (residential), equipping the police stations with the required mobility, modern weaponry, communication equipment & forensic set-up etc.


  • The items required by the State Police under the components, ‘mobility’, ‘weapons’, ‘equipment’, ‘training equipment’, ‘forensic equipment’, etc. shall be funded under ‘Non-Plan’. The construction / upgradation of police stations / outposts, police lines, police housing, construction of forensic science laboratories & training infrastructure (buildings) shall be funded under ‘Plan’ components of MPF

Funding Pattern

  • Under the Scheme, the States are grouped into two categories, namely Category ‘A’ & Category ‘B’ for the purpose of funding both under ‘Non-Plan’ and Plan. Category ‘A’ States, namely, J&K & 8 North Eastern States including Sikkim will be eligible to receive financial assistance on 90:10 Centre: State sharing basis. The remaining States will be in Category ‘B’ & will be eligible for financial assistance on 60:40 Centre: State sharing basis.

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