PAR: Sentence Completion Questions (Practice_Test 22 of 31)

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  1. Alpha, who had inadvertently ____ his friend, wrote an ____ letter with the intention of pouring oil over troubled waters.

    1. alienated-amicable

    2. humored-argumentative

    3. harmed-asinine

    4. offended-affected

    5. mollified-extensive

  2. It was with considerable ____ that my mother revealed the results of her ____ studies to my grandfather as she had learned that my great-grandfather had been notorious criminal, a fact that grandfather had been at pains to hide.

    1. pride-hereditary

    2. anxiety-anthropological

    3. trepidation-genealogical

    4. excitement-philosophical

    5. annoyance-investigative

  3. The old shepherd had a reputation for being ____, and it came as no surprise to us that he had a ____ attitude to us strangers, shouting and waving his fists to warn us off his land.

    1. incognito-pugnacious

    2. xenophobic-equivocal

    3. philosophic-bellicose

    4. philanthropic-benign

    5. misanthropic-belligerent

  4. As a child my grandfather used to refer to me as his little ____ because I suffered from ____, and if my parents shut my bedroom door at night I would have nightmares and wander round the house.

    1. anachronism-terrors

    2. progenitor-trepidation

    3. wanderer-arachnophobia

    4. somnambulist-claustrophobia

    5. angel-acrophobia

  5. The new teacher refused to take charge of almost defunct Poetry Club, saying that it would be too much trouble to ____ this ____ society.

    1. circumscribe-vast

    2. control-wayward

    3. direct-defeated

    4. resurrect-moribund

    5. resuscitate-immortal

  6. The speaker at the Marketing Convention resorted to frequent ____, yet these touches of local color added a charm to his speech, and the audience went away with the impression that they had heard one of most ____ businessmen of age.

    1. evocations-fanciful

    2. colloquialisms-eloquent

    3. aberrations-vociferous

    4. epigrams-omniscient

    5. soliloquies-monotonous

  7. The philosopher argues that far from being dead, ____ is a feature of human behavior in modern times: His ____ lists articles containing many instances of people sacrificing themselves for the good of others.

    1. cognition-cosmology

    2. altruism-bibliography

    3. pugilism-appendix

    4. parricide-epigram

    5. philanthropy-epigraph

  8. The device of ____ narrator allows the author to write as though he is god: He sees all and understands all.

    1. omniscient

    2. first person

    3. imaginative

    4. implacable

    5. immortal

  9. Even though he is now ____, my uncle continues to give the doctors cause for concern: They say the ____ is not good and, in all probability, uncle will be confined to bed once again before the week is out:

    1. improving-chronology

    2. optimistic-therapy

    3. morbid-outlook

    4. ambidextrous-result

    5. ambulant-prognosis

  10. For all their talk of ____ the land despoiled by mining, the local government has failed to offer a ____ plan.

    1. amortizing-feasible

    2. clearing-credulous

    3. regenerating-credible

    4. reclaiming-quotidian

    5. optimizing-monolithic

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