PAR: Sentence Completion Questions (Practice_Test 24 of 31)

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  1. With such a ____ of options, it is difficult for a high school student to choose which colleges to apply to, and choosing a course from a similar excess of options can place the student in a dilemma.

    1. plethora

    2. variety

    3. range

    4. number

    5. list

  2. Those who would ____ a child for telling a white lie should first ask themselves whether the child has learned from his or her elders that ____ frequently requires the truth to be hidden.

    1. punish-mendacity

    2. reward-life

    3. upbraid-etiquette

    4. reprimand-education

    5. laud-conformity

  3. An ill-considered decision once cost him a valuable friendship; this ____ experience taught him to ____ over his choices before announcing his position.

    1. serendipitous-mull

    2. inconsequential-anguish

    3. enlightening-meditate

    4. traumatic-vacillate

    5. salutary-deliberate

  4. The negotiations, which at first seemed to be moving towards a settlement, reached a/an ____ when it came to light that one of parties had been spreading ____ rumors about the other.

    1. conclusion-exaggerated

    2. impasse-pernicious

    3. landmark-idle

    4. watershed-unprintable

    5. junction-slanderous

  5. When alpha visited her cousin, a soldier dying of gangrene, a sense of ____ prevented her giving any sign of noticing the ____ smell that pervaded the room.

    1. decorum-fetid

    2. finality-nauseating

    3. propinquity-rancid

    4. reason-mysterious

    5. sanctity-heavenly

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