PAR: Sentence Completion Questions (Practice_Test 26 of 31)

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  1. Alpha had been offended when the director ____ her ideas on set design, but she walked into the meeting with a ____ air that belied the damage to her self-esteem.

    1. repudiated-nonchalant

    2. challenged-disappointed

    3. mocked-morose

    4. lauded-carefree

    5. amended-aggressive

  2. A naturally ____ person, my grandmother refused to succumb to our ____ mood and soon had us laughing and joking again.

    1. vivacious-obstreperous

    2. warm-jovial

    3. diffident-circumspect

    4. effervescent-somber

    5. dour-dejected

  3. With a natural ____ languages, Brunt ____ German much more rapidly than did his less linguistically gifted brother.

    1. apathy towards-spoke

    2. bent for-assimilated

    3. dislike of-learned

    4. inclination towards-tired of

    5. aversion to-gave up on

  4. Some ____ vegetarians ____ meat-eating not for health reasons, but on moral grounds: They passionately believe that it is immoral to contribute to the suffering of animals.

    1. life-long-tolerate

    2. committed-accept

    3. fervent-eschew

    4. fanatic-condone

    5. lapsed-recommend

  5. The King, surprised that someone normally so ____ had suddenly found the courage to question state policy, responded to the courtier's ____ by having him imprisoned.

    1. querulous-prevarication

    2. pusillanimous-audacity

    3. condescending-insolence

    4. lethargic-vacillation

    5. slavish-treason

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