PAR: Sentence Completion Questions (Practice_Test 27 of 31)

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  1. We appreciated his ____ summary of situation; he wasted no words yet put his point most persuasively.

    1. trite

    2. succinct

    3. timorous

    4. ponderous

    5. fractious

  2. Waste management is a ____ problem for the modern city, a problem that is never likely to be addressed unless we change our ____ attitude to recycling.

    1. growing-flexible

    2. minor-positive

    3. trivial-ambivalent

    4. perennial-lax

    5. recurring-stringent

  3. Our accountant is most ____; he has never made a mistake in all the years he has worked for us.

    1. curmudgeonly

    2. cantankerous

    3. morose

    4. meticulous

    5. lethargic

  4. When he was described on stage as a ____, Johnson threatened to sue the comedian for ____, claiming that he was as dexterous as the next man.

    1. lummox-slander

    2. conjuror-libel

    3. wizard-misrepresentation

    4. failure-compensation

    5. criminal-embezzlement

  5. The journalist ____ the efforts of drug squad to control drug pedaling, claiming that the police team had actually made the problem worse.

    1. disparaged

    2. described

    3. desecrated

    4. commended

    5. misconstrued

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