PAR: Sentence Completion Questions (Practice_Test 7 of 31)

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  1. Scrooge, in the famous novel by Dickens, was a ____; he hated the rest of mankind.

    1. misanthrope

    2. hypochondriac

    3. philanthropist

    4. hedonist

    5. sybarite

  2. A businessman must widen his horizons; a ____ attitude will get you nowhere in this age of global communications.

    1. moderate

    2. petrified

    3. parochial

    4. diversified

    5. comprehensive

  3. Our bookshelves at home display a range of books on wide-ranging subjects and in many languages, reflecting the ____ tastes of our family members.

    1. anomalous

    2. limited

    3. arcane

    4. furtive

    5. eclectic

  4. Plastic bags are ____ symbols of consumer society; they are found wherever you travel.

    1. rare

    2. ephemeral

    3. ubiquitous

    4. fleeting

    5. covert

  5. Dr. Stuart needs to ____ his argument with more experimental data; as it stands his thesis is ____.

    1. support-profound

    2. bolster-acceptable

    3. refine-satisfactory

    4. buttress-inadequate

    5. define-succinct

  6. After an initially warm reception by most reviewers and continued ____ by conservative thinkers, Bloom's work came under heavy fire.

    1. criticism

    2. endorsement

    3. denigration

    4. counterattack

    5. refutation

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