Preparation Tips for Postal Assistant Exam 2021

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  • On all the observation, Postal Assistant exam is very easy exam.
  • There are high chance to get a confidence that these are quite easy topics to read but matter is you need to careful to read this.
  • The exam is going to have high competition so, choose best book you can, buy it.
  • There will be some candidate who just start the preparation on basic topic without knowing official syllabus. So, first get the updated syllabus for the Postal Assistant exam and read it carefully and analyze it.
  • You can also use good study material for each subject. Because you need to practice more. So, after completing book you can go with the study material for better practice.
  • There are 4 subjects in Postal Assistant exam. Out of 4 subjects you need to focus on General knowledge. Current affairs are more important for the exam. So, read the last six months news of election, T20 world cup, IPL, summer exams and lots of more.
  • After theory exam, you will have a computer test, you need to pass typing test online. So, start the typing on daily basis of few paragraph.
  • I know revision is old tip but it is most important in any exam. You need to revision after the completing your syllabus.
  • Give a mock test for the better practice and analyze yourself what are the improvement in your practice.

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