PLAB Book List to Prepare for Practicing Medicine in UK

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PLAB Part I Books

  1. Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine. This book, as has been said by other reviews is the Bible for Clinical Medicine. It also articulates very well with the other books, it works very well with the book on A&E Medicine. - Buy from Amazon
  2. Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialities. This handbook and the “Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine” between them cover the span of clinical medicine. This new edition has been redesigned and all sections have been completely updated and revised in collaboration with senior clinical readers and a panel of medical students. - Buy from Amazon
  3. Oxford Handbook of accident and emergency Medicine: This book is extremely useful in clinical life and PLAB part one emergencies section. Also useful if you plan to go into exciting field of accident and emergency medicine. (800 pages) . The emergencies are covered to some extent on OHCM. Also after reading colourful OHCM this B & W book seems a bit dull but has detailed info. These books are essential for any person appearing for PLAB test. They provide a quick overview of clinical subjects. - Buy from Amazon

EMQ Books for PLAB Part I

EMQ BOOKS for plab one Exam: Solve past EMQs then go for EMQ books.Simple rule: the more PLAB EMQs you solve the more you score. If not all do solve one book from each series[Pastest/Una coles/ Medic Byte]. Refer to OHCM / OHCS or reference books for any doubtful answers.
  1. PLAB: 1000 Extended Matching Questions - Buy from Amazon
  2. PLAB: Part 1, Vol. 1 - Buy from Amazon
  3. PLAB Part 1 in a Box - Buy from Amazon
  4. Get Through PLAB Part 1: 500 Single Best Answer Questions - Buy from Amazon

PLAB Part II Books

  1. OSCE Stations for Medical Finals Book 1 - Buy from Amazon
  2. OSCE Stations for Medical Finals Book 2 - Buy from Amazon
  3. Core Clinical Skills for OSCEs in Medicine: Paperback - 352 pages (7 August, 2000) : A book of over 80 OSCE “stations” grouped under the type of skill being tested, but also indexed by body system. The stations all have detailed answers, underlining the nature of the question, the aims of the examiners, and a commentary in how best to answer the question. The questions will cover how to take a history from a patient and how to present it to the examiner, communication skills, patient examination, interpretation of data, carrying out some basic practical procedures. New Book , Student Feedback limited. If you Find this book useful for your PLAB 2 exam. - Buy from Amazon
  4. MacLeod՚s Clinical Examination: The practice of medicine is constantly changing. Some diseases are controlled, or even eradicated, while others increase in frequency and significance. New diagnostic techniques are developed and therapeutic regimens introduced. There is an increasing awareness of the importance of preventative medicine within the community, and also of the special needs of patients, relatives and carers. The tenth edition of this book is designed to keep abreast with changes in medical practice. 324 pages 10th Ed (4 May, 2000) This book is essential for all medical students, whether or not appearing for PLAB. This is one of the best clinical medicine books around. - Buy from Amazon

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