Visa: Tips

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  • Your photograph should be with a white background without any borders around it (Usually the cameramen in Studios know this rule for Visa photograph but it is good to check).
  • You must type out your DS forms. They shouldn't be presented in normal Acrobat reader. They should be filled properly, then typed and then printed so as to give a neat appearance as it will form your first impression.
  • Mention your period of stay.
  • Also mention your undergraduate institution name and address.
  • Prefer to five the email address which you gave for web appointment.
  • In the field of the purpose of your trip, fill that you will pursue Master's in ABC in XYZ university.
  • Arrange your primary documents in the ascending order as Appointment letter, Passport, DS forms, Admit letter, I − 20 and all your Mark sheets and score cards.
  • Place the score-card in which you have the best score at the top, whether it is GRE-TOEFL score or your acacdemic score.
  • Keep knowledge of dollar values so as to avoid confusion at the the time of conversion of currency.
  • Have Good knowledge about the university infrastructure whether it is about the lab or library.
  • Go through your faculties'webpage on the website. Read out the research carried on by them and make comparison if any such research is carried out in your country.
  • Memorize some faculties name and also the courses in your program.
  • Answer your first question very well as that forms a good impression.
  • Questions regarding income or fees should be answered without hesitation.
  • Be patient and remain cool during the interview. Answer confidently and in a loud voice.
  • Look into the eyes when answering.
  • Freshen up before the interview.
  • Pay attention to your dressing. Comb up your hair properly.
  • Have a good sleep the previous night.
  • Take breakfast or lunch before leaving for the interview.
  • Above all, keep faith and pray to God.

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