Understanding Your Actions and Performing Procedures

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  • In clinical examination stations, most of the candidates are performing learned the procedure of actions and actually they do not have any idea that why they are performing a specific action. So get clear idea about how to examine a patient and why you are undertaking each action by confirming it.

Do Not՚s

  • In stations examining practical when you ask for task such as stitching, then many candidates spent their most of the time in explanation that how they would handle patient at that time for that they do not get any marks.
  • Some candidates repeatedly cleaning the model, which is not good practice because you will get marks for practical skills.

An organized consultation.


  • Always remember that examiner expects that you will attend patient just as the junior doctor seeing her or him in clinic.
  • And the stations are just designed as clinical situations.
  • Sometime candidates not take consultation as logical and organized manner.
  • And if you ask any question to patient and then just not follow it and only pretends that you make note of it is wrong manner.

Do Not-

  • When examiner asks for your judgment about any patient then does not give every possible cause for the condition, because wants you judgment not opinion and if you do so you will lose your marks even if you also have listed correct judgment.
  • Ignore to ask meaningless questions, and be focused and ask questions to the point, because marks are not given for how many questions you have asked. You will get marks if you have asked meaningful and point wise question.
  • There is time limit for each session so do not more time on any single session. Pay attention to each session according to provided time limits.
  • Do not spend much time on station after you have been told to move. You will not get marks for it and remaining station will spoil, so it is better option to read the instructions for the next station.