How to Prepare for PLAB Examination

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  • it՚s never too early to start your studies and do not expect to do well if you do a rote learning a week or two before the examination.
  • Revise with PLAB online courses that have numerous SBA and EMQ question.
  • Watch the PLAB e-videos which are explained by the medical experts.
  • The intelligent use of basic principles and pathophysiology along with careful thought explains rewarding rather than just cramming.
  • Use your leisure time to practice questions, there are numerous books available to accentuate practice questions to induce the mind.
  • Revision courses are helpful to review key specialties and prepare test format. You need to check out courses that provide small class sizes in order to interact with the lecturers.
  • There are numerous online courses that allow you to take practice tests to simulate the testing conditions on the day of examination in more structured subject-based revision.
  • Regularly look for courses that update the material timely and also try to check writing of the material.
  • Practice mock-exams under time constraints and work out your own strategy: Think fast and commit yourself to answer the questions.
  • Leave out the questions that seems confusing. Once you are done, go back and try these again.
  • Read the question nicely. Students often commit mistakes due to misreading the questions, wrong interpretation, are unable to explain true or false, misinterpreting hyper for hypo and vice versa etc.
  • Read very carefully, questions with the phrases “always” and “never”
  • Consider the questions carefully and see if the question mentions “Except”
  • Do not spend unnecessary time on only one question.
  • Responses that you were extremely confident about will appear less convincing if you repeat those again and again. Consider that your judgment is generally correct. Leave some time for the end and be assured you have stated your responses to the answer sheet in correct manner.

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