Schedule of Preparation for PLAB 2021

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Following is an example of planning and how systematically you can prepare and appear for PLAB step 1. Refer to the corresponding topics in section 1 of our book RXPG First Aid of the PLAB for more information.

6 Months in Advance of PLAB Exam

  • Register yourself with GMC by completing registration form that is available at British Council.
  • Choose and purchase the desired books for PLAB.
  • Begin reading OHCM-Target for one month period.
  • Aim to clear IELTS as soon as possible.

5 Months in Advance of PLAB Exam

  • Begin the first revision of OHCM.
  • Appear for IELTS and aim for a decent score-aimed for English proficiency.

4 Months in Advance of PLAB Exam

  • Begin reading OHCS.
  • Apply for PLAB part one after having a good command over OHCM.

3 Months in Advance of PLAB Exam

  • Begin your first revision of OHCS.
  • Solve questions from OHCS book.
  • Start lecture notes, surgery and other books to be finished by end of this month.

2 Months in Advance of PLAB Exam

  • Review PLAB test format and exam pattern.
  • Practice speed and accuracy on dummy answer sheets in OHCS and estimate a result for the answers.
  • Confirm all the information on PLAB examination and make a list.

1 Months in Advance of PLAB Exam

  • Pinpoint remaining weakness.
  • Begin second revision of OHCM.
  • Workout on the weak areas.

2 − 3 Weeks in Advance of PLAB Exam

  • Check and confirm receipts of admission ticket.
  • Exercise and stay fit
  • Simulate PLAB I exam almost daily to enhance both speed and accuracy.

One Week in Advance of PLAB Exam

  • Try to make your self comfortable in the surroundings of the examination
  • Know the examination site and prepare information and logistics like location, transportation, parking etc.
  • Consult your seniors about the test details.

1 Day Before PLAB Exam

  • Get relaxed and be confident.
  • Go a quick revision of the notes and books that you have referred to avoid confusion
  • Get a good night sleep (atleast for 8 hours) .

Night Before PLAB Exam

  • Relax and have a sound sleep.
  • Usually the exam is in the afternoon, so have a light breakfast and early lunch.

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