PLAB Memory Based Questions (Part 10 of 13)

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  1. female, pruritis, increased gamma GT-Antimitochondrial antibody
  2. rash on cheeks, photophobia-Anti dsDNA
  3. Something about thyroid Sx-anti thyroid peroxidase
  4. Male patient, pale looking, with some paresthesia-in lowerlimbs-antibody to intrinsic factor. What conclusion you come upto?
  5. Achilles tendon rupture-surgical repair
  6. A child suffers from pain in knee while playing football. On the next day, he is walking normally. There is no swelling on the knees but the pain does not get relieved by either paracetamol or Ibuprofen.
  7. Child having pain in knee, already getting 50 % NO and 02, patella found to be laterally shifted-manipulation
  8. Female who is currently 14 wks pregnant, falls and gets swelling on ankle-crutches weight bearing support. What might have happened?
  9. A female with swelling in inguinal region, abd. Pain and distension-hernia repair (urgent)
  10. A ship yard worker has discomfort swelling in inguinal region-Hernia repair (planned)
  11. A child who is only 9 months old gets sweeling when he cries-Herniotomy
  12. A male child of 9 years of age has swelling in inguinal region-Hernia repair (planned)
  13. Female with Hx of MI, had hysterectomy done, lower abd scar, swelling protruding beneath it, reducible-abdominal support
  14. One typical question about ruptured aortic anuerysm: Pulsatile abd. Mass with low bp and increased pulse. This is the case from which a young man who is thin and tall is suffering.
  15. ankylosing spondylitis-x-ray lumbosacral spine
  16. diagnosis of MS-MRI brain
  17. pituitary fossa problem-MRI pituitary
  18. villous adenoma-hypokalemia
  19. pyloric stenosis, vomitting, dehydration-metabolis alkalosis
  20. Post radiation confusion, constipation, thirst in a female rx for breast ca-hypercalcemia
  21. Breathlessness and jvp has raised after operation-fluid overload
  22. Child sitting last in the class and is not able to read the blackboard-spectacles with concave lens
  23. Patient is having headache and pain in eye since 2 − 3 days. Also does he has dilated & fixed pupil-Glaucoma surgery
  24. Patient with SLE on steroids, presents with bilateral opacities-ECCO with lens implant
  25. A man can well see distant objects and visions but it unable to read newspaper in artificial light. What is it? Astigmatism cylindrical lens
  26. clue cells in the smear of the discharge-bacterial vaginosis.
  27. There is a white discharge in a female which shows mycelia on microscopy-candida
  28. vulval shallow painful ulcers-herpes
  29. last one was with h/o PID and on investigation no gonococcus found-chlamydia.
  30. A man has progressively increasing abdominal distention. His general condition is well but spider nevi is present. In this case, which Rx would u like to start? -spironolactone

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