PLAB Memory Based Questions (Part 11 of 13)

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  1. A child is brought after 8 hours of continuous sore throat and saliva dribbling. What are you to do next? Epiglottis, call anesthetist

  2. A child who is as young as 18 months has recovered from the episode of sweet getting stuck up in his throat. Worried parents ask for a solution if the same thing is repeated what are we to do? Slap his back and give thrusts on his chest pt symptomatic despite using 2 − 3 times inhaled bronchodilator, also wheeze at night-inhaled corticosteroids

  3. A woman suffering from chronic asthma comes with severe wheeze and cough-nebulised beta agonist

  4. pt develops oral candidiasis while being stable using 1000microg of steroid-decrease da dose

  5. A female who is 68 years old, has got a low level Right forearm FRACTURE recently. What precautions will you ask her to have to protect this from happening again in future?

  6. A teacher is having a hoarse voice-vocalcord nodules

  7. A smoker is having Hx of hoarseness since last 8 weeks-laryngeal CA

  8. Hoarseness following thyroidectomy-recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy

  9. 1 week Hx of resp tract infection, coryza-acute laryngitis

  10. A female whose husband died 5 weeks agom whispers on and off, can cough normally-functional dysphonia

  11. A person has got swollen leg which is hot, painful and indurated. STREP PYOGENES

  12. axillary abcess STAPH AUREUS

  13. i think there was one on candida

  14. PT ON ANTIBIOTIC develops diarrhoea-clost. Difficile

  15. A patient earlier was doing well with dry cough but with passage of time his breathlessness increased. His x-ray shows patchy consolidation all over the lung feild-MYCOPLASMA

  16. There was a question in the hematuria: Asian male with cough and loss of wt shows microscopic hematuria. Ans: Kidney TB

  17. A man brings his wife into A&E after finding her unconscious at home. He says that at breakfast time, she had complained of a sudden headache and had vomitted. She took paracetamol and aspirin for the pain. She is now in A&E with a low GCS. What would you recommend him to do now? CT scan

  18. There was a question regarding a young child with non blanching erythematous papules on the lower extremities with facial erythema. What steps for further examination will you suggest now?

  19. A child has got 5 % burns. What is the first treatment that you will choose?

  20. A child is attacked with orbital tumor as that can be concluded from the history, or proptosis. What step is to be further taken? CT scan.

  21. What will you recommend a child who is not the minimum age with some other features-not typical of cystic fibrosis, but i believe that was the closest answer.

  22. the pt whos anorexic. compulsory detention was my answer. b/c in ohcs it mentions, if there is any danger to one owns life we must detain.

  23. A patient has been recently out of medical ward after an operation or something done for him. He is quiet worried and in panic. What method of treatment will u use in this case?

  24. arrythymiasm dry mouth-amytriptiline

  25. pin point pupils, hypotension-Morphine

  26. Ataxia, slurred speech-alcohol

  27. Visual disturbances, bradycardia-Digoxin

  28. Hypotension only, no dec R/R-atenolol

  29. liver failure after 4 days-paracetamol

  30. Most common form of dementia in UK-Alzheimer's Dementia