PLAB Memory Based Questions (Part 12 of 13)

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  1. Characterized by neurofibrillary tangles and senile plaques-Alzheimer՚s
  2. Hypertensive patient-multi infarct
  3. Respond to anti depressant-pseudodementia
  4. Increased disinhibition and preservation of intellect-frontal
  5. What you would recommend a child who played football and then developed itchiness-something like that
  8. A gardener got pricked by a thorn. He got his finger dressed as a part of A&E initial resuscitaion. But then suddenly he develops perioral itching, hunger and collapses. He was given anti tetanus and penciliin oral. What is it? Answer is anaphlaxis other close option was staphlocoocus sepsis but anaphlaxis is da right answer
  9. Girl complaining of primary dysmenorrhea-COCP
  10. A woman whose age is 30 complaining of menorrhagia-mefanamic acid
  11. What is the problem with the person on vegetarian diet having macroytosis and anemia? b12 diet def.
  12. Pernicios anemia one-b12 malabsorption
  13. What is the patient suffering from when he complains of weight loss, loss stools with microcytinc hypochromic anemia with anti endomysial antibodies positive? iron malabsoprtion
  14. A 60 year aged man presents feeling unwell with lymphadenopathy and spleenomegaly. His peripheral lymphocyte count is 500 10 9/L-ch. Leukemia
  15. A 60 year old man is being treated with cyclophosphamide for fibrosing alveolitis. His Hb level is 6.2 g/dl, with normal red cell parameters, a platelet count of 100 10 9/L and a white cell count of 2.0 10 9/L-aplastic anemia
  16. A man complained of central chest pain after MI and had an ECG with ST elevation. What can you diagnose? acute pericarditis.
  17. A man complained of fever, chest pain, high ESR after 3 weeks of an anterior MI. What is his problem? symptoms of Dressler՚s.
  18. A man complained of breathlessness and chest pain after walking up a hill after 2 months of an MI. What is it? Right Ventricular Strain I think.
  19. A patient complained of mitral regurgitation. What you feel it is? Papillary muscle ruture.
  20. LV aneurysm-I remember thinking that because the patient was presenting quite late-at 4 − 6 weeks or so
  21. There was also a cardiology theme-I remember only 1 question something about SVT and carotid sinus massage and valsalva man. After it does not succeed, next comes the ADENOSINE
  22. A female who is aged 20 years complains of weight loss and loose bowel motion with mucus for 3 months. She also experiences Lower abdominal pain. What is she facing? Inflammatory bowel DISEASE.
  23. A patient suffering from asthama is on inhalers of steriods and beta agonists and is still symptomatic. What do you feel? Oral theophylline (agree with yasir)
  24. An eldery patient got a stroke, in some kind of a hostel or eldery care house. After the stroke she developed severe itching and erythema on her body, lines on her hand and feet. What is it? chlorpheneramine.
  25. After a trip in the forest, a child complained of a bite on the foot. Was it the test for lymes dissease?
  26. ADULT POLYCYSTIC kidney DISEASE (U make it out from history)
  27. branchial cyst
  28. cystic hygroma
  29. thyroglossal cyst
  30. hard thyroid mass

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