PLAB Memory Based Questions (Part 13 of 13)

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  1. What does the diagnostic x ray of a patient with signs and symptoms of tuberculosis looks like?
  2. What is the patient with excessive bronchial secretions-not able to expectorate suffering from? hyoscine
  3. scabies-Malathion
  4. A 30 yr old business man has palpitations and urinary frequency. He is sweating. His urine dipstick is + ve for glucose and ketones. His plasma glucose is 26mmol-Answer is type 1 diabetes
  5. A 65 yr old woman has a recurrent vaginal itch. Her reports show of BMI of 33. Random BLOOD GLUCOSE is 15 mmol. What is she suffering from? type 2 diabetes
  6. A 55 yr old man has glycosuria. After a two hr glucose tolerance test, his plasma glucose is 9mmol. What do you conclude? impaired glucose tolerance
  7. about salicylate poisoning determine the acid base abnormality
  8. SBA abt the man with the panic attack? Rebreath into an airbag IS THE TREATMENT
  9. What is a child with h/o orchitis and parotid sweeling suffering from? Mumps
  10. a man in fire accident with soot particles-anaes help?
  11. Puerperal Psychosis (6 months after the birth of baby)
  12. A 4 year old girl has been suffering hx of fever and cough since last 2 − 3 days. She has non blanching pin point rash on her legs-What are the options other than FBC?
  13. A young girl presenting with s&s of SLE-Auto antibodies.
  14. A young child with s&s of meningitis but no rash-blood culture-Why is it not LP?
  15. Patient with Breast CA presenting with altered consciouness-cerebral metastasis
  16. Pateient with left sided mastectomy and axillary clearance, now presents with swollen left hand. What is he suffering from? lympoedema
  17. H/o breast cancer, now presents with polyuria, polydipsia-Hypercalcemia
  18. Patient with h/o breast cancer-h/o fall and FRACTURE of femur i think. Which fracture is it? pathological FRACTURE
  19. Answer was spinal metastasis. Which stem does it belong to?
  21. A patient has some expressive speech problem. His problem is related to Broca՚s Area
  22. Occupational asthma is where the patients symptoms are resolved after he goes on holiday
  23. THE ONE WITH KERNIGS SIGN + IVE-DIAGNOSIS WAS MENINGITIS-What would be your investigation? Blood Culture
  25. A 47 year old man who suffers from chronic asthma has pyrexia and coughs green sputum. His PEFR is < 80 % of his normal value
  26. A woman gives vaginal birth at term to a baby boy. She has Hepatitis B and is Concerned about the risk of transmitting it to her baby. What do you do? Give Hep B vaccine + Hep B immunoglobulin.
  27. A young patient, is suffering from episodic abdominal pain. All examinations and Ix are normal, Rx? I chose re assure.
  28. Patient of bronchial asthma on beta agonists and prednisolone, had a surgey. The following day she had hypotension and potassium imbalance. Her drug charts showed that fluids were adequate and she was on no other medication. What is it (Addisonian crisis) ?
  29. Patient suffering from some kind of pain, took NSAID and then developed wheezes ans dyspnea. What happened? idiosyncratic drug response
  30. Patient with exceessive alcohol and smoking with some kind of problem I chose general advice about life style
  31. A woman has right sided Chest pain and SOB. He has a temp of 39C and pleural rub in right mid zone-Pneumonia
  32. An elderly woman is short of breath. She has an apex beat displaced to the left and an apical systolic murmur-LVF

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