PLAB Memory Based Questions (Part 6 of 13)

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  1. A man with ulcer in mouth and had a penile ulcer a few weeks back (syphilis) . Few examining questions were asked to him which revealed that there were Antibodies in his blood.
  2. A man is diagosed with slow growing lesion on face which is a papule and later gets umblicated. Ans: Molluscum contagiosum (correct me)
  3. A baby was born with fever and crepts. Pre-delivery, mother was being treated with antibiotics and had a fever. What disease is it? Ans: Pneumonia
  4. In MI complication theme: One was ventricular aneurysm-persistant ST elevation in leads V1, V2, V3, V4
  5. A man washes hands frequently and is concerned about the safety of his family. What is this called? Answer-OCD
  6. ENT theme a person is found with ear discharge and hearing problems: i.e.. . A child has 20 % tympanic membrane tear and continuous embarrasing discharge Answer-Is it myringoplasty or aural toilet?
  7. Again in ENT theme: A woman has conductive deafness. Her ear is examined. It snormal. Ans. Ossiculoplasty (Not sure) Do you remember the options?
  8. ENT theme: A man is facing difficulty wearing hearing aid because of his painful otitis externa. What can this be? Ans: Bone attached hearing aid (i think this one) or cochlear implant?
  9. ENT theme: A boy is facing problem in breathing and has ear discharge. What is it? Ans: Adenoidectomy and aural toilet
  10. There was a woman with previous history of gall stones now present with upper (epigastric) pain and tenderness of abdomen. The investigation might lead to which disease? Answer-USG (correct me)
  11. Which is the second question about ITP-immune throbocytopenic purpura (can anyone remember that)
  12. A woman was going through 12 weeks ammenorrhea and has now nausea and vomiting. What is it? Answer-Pelvic USG. It was to rule out pregnancy.
  13. A woman with SLE picture and renal findings-and-lupus nephritis
  14. INR 5.2 Answer-Stop warfarin
  15. A woman was diagnosed with calcium of 2.85 while her reports for other tests are normal. Which disease can it be? options: Osteomalacia, osteoporosis (Answer-hyperparathyroidism 1,2, 3)
  16. A woman is due to be started on lithium. Need investigation, Ans: Urea/electro
  17. there was a question i, to which the ans was h pylori eradication.

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