PLAB Memory Based Questions (Part 7 of 13)

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  1. poisoning (salicylates, alcohol, paracetamol, digoxin etc.)
  2. s/e of anti epileptics (gum hypertrophy, dec. Na + , liver failure)
  3. s/e of anti psychotics (nuetropenia, cardiotoxic, parkinson, anticholinergic, hyperprolactinemia & galactorrhea)
  4. CVS theme (cxr with ecg findings, MI, Pulm embolism, ruptured esophagus, calcified node or costochondritis)
  5. What will happen if croup prognosis is left untreated?
  6. pictures from derma (herpes, spider nevi, neurofibroma, erythema nod. septic enceph)
  7. Renal tubular acidosis type IV, Inc. K + and Inc. Cl-
  8. Anti partum hemorrhage theme (blood transfusion, vaccination, synto, re open etc.)
  9. CA ovary (-ve USG go for CA125, h/o debulking surg. Now intest. Obst. 2 questions on recurrence do CT pelvis)
  10. theme on Dementia (old man, old woman, senile, alzhiemers, vascular, lewy body)
  11. s/s of psychiatric illness (Depression, Bipolar disorder, post partum psychosis etc.)
  12. SBA on post partum depression.
  13. d/x of fetal problems b4 birth (double buble sign, fetal echo for card. Disease, amniocentesis, chorionic villous sampling, fetal anatomy)
  14. tumor peri vulval region-tumor involving thyroid + sternocleidomastoid.
  15. vaginal discharge (Shut Up. Part has STD, B/L Iliac fossa pain, clue cells, shallow ulcers, blood after micturating)
  16. SBA risk of CA ovary (+ ve family history)
  17. theme on pelvis infections (deep dysparunia, supra pubic pain etc.)
  18. use of anesthesia (foreign body cornea, c-section, excision of cyst, IOL implantation)
  19. shipyard worker with opacity on cxr + effusion (mesothelioma)
  20. paeds (child wid h. o bleeding from mouth + broken tongue fenulum, kid with foster mother, h. o fract. In school 5 times in last 3 months, baby with 3 fract. Post. Ribs, father deaf wat 2 c in Baby i think LFT i.e.. . Alport, child with retinal hemorrhage)
  21. Ca tonsil (ulcer on tonsil with otalgia)
  22. etiology of resp diseases (bronchiolitis, child hood asthma, cystic fibrosis, ciliary diskinesia)
  23. sba on fracture of scaphoid.
  24. back pain epidemiolgy (5 statements each for Ankylosis, RA, OA, osteoprosis etc.)
  25. investigation for palipation (5 questions, tsh, ecg)
  26. h/o fall (TIA, syncope, post. Hypotension etc.)
  27. endocrinal d/x (adisonian, hyperthyroid, prolactinoma, acromegaly, conns syndrome)
  28. invest of headache (temp. Arterietis, basilar arty isch, facial art. Injury, temporal bone fracture)
  29. fracture s1 level of spinal cord.
  30. What body structures are pierced when we pass between ant. Sup. Ilac spine & umblicus while doing laparoscopy?

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